Blowing Around in the Wind

God forbid I title this “Blowin in the wind.” Does the addition of “Around” reduce this blog’s corniness and cliche? Well regardless I’m a week and a half from my Zap departure date. As I could have guessed, I’ve really loved my time in Ukraine, even in Zaporozhye, and am sad to be leaving this new found home and favorite job of my life.

While the home will change, the job will continue, when on May 16th I arrive in Lome, Togo to begin my second Kiva Fellowship. I’m heading to West Africa by way of Budapest (May 7-10) and London (May 10-15) for a short vacation in two fabulous cities, one old and one new.

I’m sticking with Kiva for now because I can and want to. I’m staying abroad because I can and have no reason not to. I feel purposeful and stimulated and can’t really imagine doing anything else for the time being.

If you ask me “when I’m coming home,” I will tell you I have no idea because I don’t even know what that means.

I’m tired, though, already running ragged after only 2.5 months, but feel driven to continue this work because not all of my questions have been sufficiently answered. I’m still left wondering about responsible international development and my presence in a place that doesn’t understand me or necessarily want me. Togo will be another kind of challenge and learning experience that I need to have before I can feel at peace.

I’m missing my people and the comforts I associate with them, like catching TDS on the couch or drawing pictures at the kitchen table or not having to order a B-label or doing crosswords for hours at the counter or harmonizing on the back porch or eating chinese food on the bed. I’m even missing the companionship from the Btown days, as evidenced by almost every dream I’ve had since I arrived in Ukraine. [It’s amazing how your mind defaults to things you don’t think about on a day to day basis when you really remove yourself from your comfort zone.]

But these things are not too painful, not yet anyway. At this point it would be more painful to cut short this quest of sorts, so I’m going to continue this journey and try to learn as much as I can while I can, and then come home and crash with you for a few months.

Until then, please bear with me and don’t forget about me. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.


3 responses to “Blowing Around in the Wind

  1. I love your photographs…I think of Zaporozhye. I am learning a little more about the world through your eyes and words and thoughts…and feelings. Jake G. in Paraguay with the Peace Corps started me on reading Peace Corps blogs. Many have themes similar to your “Blowin’ in the wind.” You all are great ambassadors for our world…speaking as one who once worked for a corporate (Boeing) as an expatriate. In Mozambique though we were called ‘cooperands,’ a term I liked better, but that was also in 1978! Looking forward to your Togoland blog.

  2. you are fabulous.

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