Expats in Zap

My roommate Colleen and I often feel guilty about how much fun we have here in Zaporozhye, Ukraine (lovingly referred to as Zap by Ukrainians and expats alike). To this end, we’ve created a series of videos about our life in Zaporozhye and all the fun that ensues as a result. Please enjoy!

Epidode 1:


2 responses to “Expats in Zap

  1. I’ll hafta mail y’all some sunscreen!

  2. Nice lil vid. If i hadnt seen it with my own eye’s i wouldn’t of believed it. Ive just this minute got back from a great week in zap. I got there last friday night and up until thursday,as you will know, enjoyed almost unbroken sunshnie. Even spent an afternoon having a BBQ at the beach !!! now thats something i never expected from a trip to zap. missing it already back here in wet cold England. keep up the news. great reading/viewing

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